Wireless Broadband Detail

Connect has been a market leader in the broadband market domain in the state of Punjab from past so many years. However there are still some areas of the state where we are not able to provide the DSL services due to non availability of wire-line network .

Rollout of wire-line network take a lot of time. Thus Connect Broadband has come up with an interim solution wherein broadband services are being provided through wireless technology.

The users can enjoy high speed broadband even in those areas where Connect wire-line network is not present

Connect Broadband

WBB Advantages!

  • Always on - A broadband connection is "always on" - no waiting for dial-up connectivity if you still use this route to the Internet. This means that you are immediately more productive without having to wait for a connection.
  • Many websites are now "media-rich". This means that they don't just have text and limited graphics, but have interactive elements, streaming sound and video and other elements. These can effectively accessed using Wireless Broadband.
  • Reliable – With other technologies, speed and bandwidth can be affected by the number of users on the network or by line quality. One of the greatest advantage of wireless broadband is that we provide. dedicated amount of bandwidth with consistent speeds.
  • Secure – Using the latest technology , Connect Broadband always ensure that your broadband connection is always secure.
  • Fix monthly budget – Plans are designed in such a way that you can fix your monthly budget effectively.