Unified Thread Management : Overview

Unified threat management is a saviour to your computer devices Network. It protects your irreplaceable data and provides ensure privacy automatically. The secure wireless access To make your data secure from any kind of malwares. The strong network security with next generation firewalls, secure SD-WAN,VPN Routers and web gateway gives absolute protection to your devices network.

Our security tool is designed to deliver both Endpoint and device protection for smoother and seamless functioning. We provide application security (E-Mail Security, web application firewall, D-DoS etc.) and Security Subscriptions and bundles under FortiGuard Security Services, where we aim at enhanced protection against Viruses, Malware,Ransomeware, Spam e-mail, and Cyber Criminals.

Features :
  • New versions and security updates that are fast, regular and secure
  • Block undesired content in your office environment
  • Protection against hackers and Trojans
  • Surf without fear of personal information being sent to third parties.
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