Leased Line : Overview

Our conventional leased line product is the best solution to the businesses that require constant uninterrupted communication between their multiple locations leading to the building of private communications network for the business. We are one of the leading Leased Line service providers in the region with a reliable Leased Line network using secure routers at low infrastructure and maintenance cost.

Leased Line Advantages



Seldom downtime

Application uses

Permanently assigned carrier grade connectivity for you means you stay reliably connected all the times

Triple path redundancy means you never have to worry about downtime

Suitable of all kinds of data including voice , video, email , chat, FTP amongst others


Leased Line Features




Dedicated and Uncompressed(1:1 contention)

Multiple last mile options : Copper, RF and Optical Fiber

Symmetric(same upload and download speeds)

Ring Protection for OFC last mile

Speed range

2 Mbps to N*1 Gig

Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR)

Online payment options

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