Connect Safe

  • ✔ Connect SAFE offers security to desktop,PC.
  • ✔ One protection for all your devices..
  • ✔ Anti Theft & Safe Shopping and many more.

Yearly Pack

INR 399 for 12 months

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INR 599 for 12 months

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INR 849 for 12 months

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INR 1299 for 12 months

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Monthly Pack

INR 49 for 1 month

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INR 89 for 1 month

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INR 99 for 1 month

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INR 125 for 1 month

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Protect Upto 5 Devices, avoid digital threats on PCs, Smart phones and Tablets.
You can choose the device on which you want to install Total Security.

Connect SAFE has been designed to respond to the security needs of multi-devices.
One protection for all your devices.

It gives the advantage to limit the website and controls the time of kids to spend online.
Web surfing can be limited by restricting sites based on their content e.g. weapons, gambling or adult sites.


Connect Safe has developed deep guard protection which identifies and blocks known and unknown threats by recognizing suspicious activity.
Banking Protection is specialized to block unknown banking Trojans from sending users’ banking credentials to online criminals.


You may lose your phone. No worries….!!! It helps you to locate your device through location on map.
Your lost devices can be locked and content can be wiped so that your privacy remains intact.


Safe adds more value by blocking spyware and tracking cookies from sending browsing habits and files to third parties.
Protecting you from entering phishing sites by using spam control and website reputation.