Connect Net Champs Edition 2: Award winning Campaign at International Operator’s Conference, Lisbon Keynote Speaker 'Saurabh Kaushal' conducts a Seminar on 'Cyber Security' at The Millennium School Mohali

Connect Net Champs campaign is raising awareness amongst students, parents and teachers about cyber security by associating with schools across Punjab

Amritsar, November 29, 2017: The Edition 2 of Connect Net Champs - a program that addresses Internet Security among school students – kicked off its first session on Cyber Security at The Millennium School today. The session, addressed by Mr. Saurabh Kaushal, Managing Director, Flipflop Inforsec Labs, was followed by a thrilling Quiz contest for students. Four candidates were shortlisted for the next round. Prior to this, Saurabh has been a keynote speaker on Cyber Security & Forensics for various Universities & Engineering colleges.

In an interactive session with the expert, children at The Millennium School learnt various nuances of the internet world. Among points discussed included the potential risks related to internet and how to avoid these, exposure to inappropriate material, harassment and bullying, physical molestation, legal and financial, viruses and hackers. Additionally, important guidelines were imparted on how children can avoid online risks, rules for online safety, and how to be a smart internet user.

Talking about the Program and its takeaways, Mr Arvind Bali, CEO, Connect Broadband, said, "Net Champs is a program that will make children well aware of the Internet and Technology. We feel Cyber security is a shared responsibility that every individual should embrace in their communities to keep the Nation and future generation secure. Campaign ‘Net Champs’ is designed to educate and empower the students, parents and teachers to take steps to protect themselves and their families online. This year we look forward to covering 200+ schools".

The campaign entails associations with schools across Punjab to educate the students about cyber security engaging Parents and Teachers to acknowledge and commit to the shared responsibility of securing cyberspace. The program consists of a series of seminars targeted for students, teachers and parents followed by thrilling Quizzes for students that will also shortlist candidates for the next rounds. The 2017 Edition of Net Champs is powered by F- Secure, a well-known Finland based cyber security solution provider as its security partner. The event is structured in three tiers including school rounds, city round and the Grand finale. The Chandigarh and Punjab-wide Mega Contest this year will hunt for the Net Champ 2. In each round there will be exciting gifts to be won.

Net Champs is a program to engage children with the purpose of educating them on the nuances of the World Wide Web and how to utilize their potential with information available just a click away. The program is structured in three very interesting tiers; First round is the school round, followed by the second round which is the city round and the third round is the Grand finale. In each round, there are exciting prizes to be won. This year, Connect Broadband is in search of a ‘Net Champ’ via conducting a Chandigarh-Punjab wide mega contest.