Centrex: Overview

Centrex offers individual telephone lines with the facility of intercom dialing. The Connect services Centrex simulates an EPBAX. It acts like a virtual telephone exchange and cost effective alternative to it. Centrex lines is the smart and apt solution for all enterprises that want to manage their telecommunication services hurdle-free.

Centrex Advantages


Multi offices connectivity



Multi offices connectivity on private numbering scheme with free calling advantage

Multi-party conference and other services- call hold, call line identification, call forwarding etc.

Dynamic locking and authentication code to prevent unauthorised use


Centrex Features





RJ 11

Minimum number of channels


Direct Inward Dialling (DID) facility

Default DID


Direct Outward Dialling (DOD) facility

Closed user group facility

Short Digit Dialling (SDD) (Local/STD)

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