Connect Wi-Fi hotspot offer you the freedom of connectivity while you are on the move

Connect launched its free Wi-Fi Hotspot zone in Shopping Plaza of Sector 17,Chandigarh. Now you can enjoy a broadband internet experience outside your home on the move.

Connect Broadband

Connect provides high-speed internet to popular youth hangouts site at Chandigarh ,Sector 17 .With one access point supporting the technology is made available for a larger audience where customers can connect by using a variety of devices such as laptops, smart-phones, tablets and other smart devices.

Mr. Prem Ojha , Business Head, Connect Broadband said, " Wireless internet is imperative in various public place these days to provide visitors with flawless service because now people want the "on the move" connection and usually want that connection on a number of devices. What we are seeing more and more is people coming with notebooks, and with tablets, and they want to have a high level assurance that the connection will work. "

Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to Connect unpaid Wi-Fi Hotspot that is a very secure network.

The Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot provides user with 1 mbps speed. A user can access the free Wi-Fi by sending message "Connect" to 9877898778 wherein he'll receive the username & password for internet & can access the internet for 1 hour at one time absolutely free of cost.

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