5 Steps for Optimum Utilization of your Data


Do you face the problem data shortage by the time you reach the end of the month! We have some simple tips and tricks that help you save data and optimize your data usage.

  • Adjust your update settings:
  • App updates take too much of your mobile data, especially the gaming ones eat up lot of your data. To r fix this data loss make sure that your apps get updated when your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi. To change the settings manually simply go to Google Play> Settings>Auto update Apps> Turn on update over Wi-Fi only.

  • Get rid of Background Data:
  • Some of your mobile apps continuously run in the background and consume data even when they are not in use. Now-a -days people run multiple apps on phone, simultaneously that consumes hell lot of data. App background data helps to manage this menace as keep a check on all your apps while you are multitasking on your phone. All you have to do is go to Settings>>Data Usage and check which app is consuming how much data.



  • Change your way of Browsing:
  • The best way to minimize data consumption is by avoiding the desktop version and browsing the mobile version of a website on the phone. Another tip that would save your data is preserving your cache as it saves your time you take to download images from the website visited most frequently.

  • Cache Google Maps to use when you are offline:
  • If you are a regular navigation apps user, then it’s a better idea for you to download the area map in advance and navigation take a toll on your mobile data. The process of downloading the maps is really simple. Just open up the Google maps, search the area you are looking to download >click on More Info >Download.

  • Use limited Streaming Services:
  • These days' people prefer watching lot of web series and listening to online music on apps like Gaana and Saavn. These formats of content consume large units of mobile data. If you want your data to last for a longer time, please make limited use of these on mobile. Alternatives to this are, download such videos and audios when you are connected to Wi-Fi or decrease the visual quality to lessen the data usage. One of the biggest video streaming platforms is YouTube, so if you area web content lover, watch at a lower resolution to optimize your data usage.