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Speed is what we look for when it comes to internet connectivity. It is a pain when web pages take endless minutes to load, or download speed is not what you were promised while taking the connection. The situation becomes worse when your internet provider is not there to help you. Here we have listed few things that you can implement in such a situation, to see improvement in performance in just a few minutes.

So if you are a daily data consumer or have a startup or a business that relies on home broadband connection, keep on reading to boost your Wi-Fi connection. This blog will help you to understand things that affect your broadband and make simple changes to enjoy faster broadband speed.


  1. Check your Broadband Speed:
  2. The very first thing is to check your broadband speed by conducting a speed test. For this you just have to visit a speed testing site. The minute you begin the test it will tell you your upload and download speed. The speed test will give you reference for measuring how effective the methods of speeding up your Wi-Fi is.


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  3. Reset your Modem:
  4. Reset your modem and router to clean up old data as it will help to alleviate network issues. Another thing that can help in speeding up your internet is re-provisioning your modem configuration from your internet service provider. With this your modem will also automatically download firmware updates from the ISP.

  5. Reconfigure your router:
  6. Configuration settings might be one of the reasons for your slow internet connection. Reconfigure your router by adjusting the settings directly from the router dashboard on a computer browser. Refer to router’s handbook to get to the configuration menu and follow the steps mentioned there to resolve the issue. To check whether the issue has been resolved, run the speed test again.

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  7. Router should be Centrally Located:
  8. One of the main requirements of high speed internet is its location. The router should be placed in a central location in your house as the signals extend out from its antennas. To ensure good speed for every user in your house, make sure that you have enough cable/fiber to place your primary Wi-Fi router right in the center.

  9. Clean up your PC:
  10. Another reason for slow speed can be the one which we tend to ignore most of the time i.e. an untidy PC. So all you need to do is de-clutter your desktop or laptop and discard all the unnecessary files that could be slowing your internet speed.