Voice Services

Voice Services

High-speed voice communications power

The PRI (PRIMARY RATE INTERFACE) is the HI-tech ISDN services which provides better voice clarity and data bandwidth up to 2MBps.

Voice PRI is a new alternative in local calling and long distance services. This economical sprint dedicated Voice package assures reliable and secure voice communications for business.

The PRI is the hi-tech version of ISDN networking and adds more clarity and speed. The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) All data and voice channels are ISDN and operate at 64 kbps.


  • Single Line 30 Channel
  • Ease of Dailing, Quick connectivity
  • Increased productivity
  • Direct Inward/Outward Display
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Virtual Telephone Exchange

Centrex is a virtual telephone exchange and cost effective alternative to an EPABX For any number of extensions required by an organization, Centrex offers individual telephone lines with the facility of intercom dialing.


  • Avoid capital intensive investments in EPBAX
  • Link multiple locations across cities using intercom dialing.
  • No need to bear heavy annual maintance charges
  • Easy additions of more lines with no limitation on capacity expansion.
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Audio Conference Services

Connect Tele Meet is an audio conference service that enables the subscriber to conduct a telephonic meeting with as many participants as one wants in a single conference., for a desired time and number of participants through web or through a dedicated helpdesk.


  • Dedicated Audio Conference upto 60 Conferences
  • Help you to save time & Increase Productivity
  • One can Join After knowing Unique Conference ID
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Connect has provisioned Fiber connectivity to small and large Corporate houses. The uninterrupted service with large centrally administered state-of-the-art digital switches, optical fiber back bone and installation practices ensures high quality voice signals. Our fixed-line telephony and value added services cater to the unique needs of the corporate sector.

Connect provides 24x7 customer care services for every user. Our customer care is geared to meet your requirements. We are just a call away from you.

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Services with NO Cost

Toll Free services establish greater standards by making it easier for customers to connect with you at NO Cost.

Removes all barriers to customers contacting you as it's a free call.

Helps you to establish the business Identity, generate leads and consolidate new business.

Number Remains a part of your brand for future

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