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CONNECT Telemeet

CONNECT TELEMEET is a simple, convenient & cost-effective audio conferencing service. This service allows multiple people at different geographical locations to engage in a conference call in their own virtual meeting room.

Key Features

Connect Broadband offers following business features which are beneficial to Enterprises

  • Web based conference booking system, thereby reducing any CAPEX investments.
  • Meeting between personnel can be arrange at any time during 24*7.
  • Dashboard for maintaining the history of the conference booked.
  • Details of the conference is sent over registered email ID immediately upon booking.
  • Option of updated and canceling the conference is available in the solution itself.
  • Up to 50 people of conference can be booked at a same time.
  • Automatic and inbuilt pricing viewing panel available.
  • Robust network connectivity available throughout the conference.
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The most advanced and widely acceptable call center solutions in the industry, today. The product has evolved a complete cycle of experiences from different industries. And this has helped Connect Broadband to create a product that can be installed quickly in any environment or process. The organizations who chose to work on I-Caller would never opt for other product as this is most reliable, futuristic and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Inbound, Outbound or Both Call Setup.
  • 100% Call Recording.
  • Agent/Branch Wise Data Uploading.
  • IVR – Multilayer options with Menu and Sub Menus.
  • User definable filters in reporting format.
  • Self Designable Web Based CRM.
  • Remote Extensions.
  • Multi-Campaign with Dialing Mode, Pacing, Wrap up & Disposition wise Calling.
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Connect Broadband offers Toll Free Solutions, popularly known as the 1800 number which is a special telephone number. This is free to the calling party and charged to Enterprise. Connect Broadband Toll Free has now become an important business and branding tool for Enterprises to enable their customers to reach them anytime, anywhere at no cost.

Miss Call

Missed Call Alerts is a completely automated web based application which enables you to get real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Toll Free Number.

Key Advantages to Enterprises

  • Business portability irrespective of location.
  • Larger company image & branding.
  • Better market reach.
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  • Introduce your Business to your customers.
  • Offer/ Promotion through Caller Tune.
  • Flexibility of changing the Tune.
  • Low Cost Promotional tool.
  • Feature: Now Corporate can get customized caller Tune services, they can get Caller Tune of any script.