Apple – a name that epitomizes quality, eminence and class.

Apple has come a long way from bulky big box computers to their flagship Macintosh, to the revolution called iPods and the sporadic yet consistent launch of savvy smartphones. It changed the way people communicate.

In 1976 – the world saw the first Apple computer which wasn’t really the hype that it is known for today. Their first computer was a big gaudy looking machine that had a spooky resemblance to a typewriter. However, year 1984 was a remarkable year for Apple as it released Macintosh, the first personal computer from Apple that also saw the peak of success.

Steve Jobs had the vision to “get a computer in the hands of everyday people”. He was brusquely ousted from his own company in the 80s; however, the company lost its direction, and spirit due to his absence.

Jobs’ magnetism and vision could not be replicated and he was back in business with a stronger resolute to see his vision become a reality. In 1998, Apple once again had an ambitious climb with the arrival of Janatha Ive from Britain. In 1998 he introduced iMac, Apple sold 800,000 units of iMac within first five months of its release. By 2000s the Apple was thriving as each of their inventions worked in perfect harmony and introduced the masses to what they needed.

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If computers were revolutionized by Macintosh in 1984 and music industry had a spin with the arrival of iPods, 2007 witnessed ruckus with the launch of iPhone. Iphone one was a culmination of ‘fight club’ philosophy where people worked together on ‘Project Purple’ to create something they would want to own as a prodigy. Its 3.5 inch screen replaced the awkward keypads that crammed half the phone with tiny keys. The touch phone had dream like features. One could zoom in pictures, emails, messages and even websites. iPhone was a technology almost five years ahead of any of its counterparts. Apple released iPad in April 2010 in US and 300,000 units of the same were sold on the day it was released. Apple is not a technology but a brand that consistently changes the way the technology is consumed.

From 1st generation iPhone to iPhone7, Apple has introduced a legacy that cannot be replaced or replicated. Apple launched its seventh generation of phones in Sep 2016 – iPhone 7, a smarter, sleeker version of iPhones with never before features. iPhone 7 is a technology that is water and dust resistant, with a screen 25% brighter than its predecessors. It certainly is a market leader with its distinctive features, advanced technology and needless to say its super elegant looks.

What Jobs envisioned almost 40 years ago was beyond imagination but he obstinately worked towards making it a reality. A former Apple executive once said “democracies don’t make great products. You need a competent tyrant”. His maniacal drive to build a brand that delivered nothing but quality, gave us what we know as Apple today. Apple a symbol of class, status and elegance.