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Hosted-IVR : Overview

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with the callers, gathers information and route calls to the appropriate recipient. Our Hosted IVR platform can significantly reduce the turnaround time required to setup the customer experience business process, as all the necessary infrastructure is available and ready to use leading to the quality control, better managed services and reduced costs to the business.



Cost effect

Save Cost

Real time Update

Low total cost of ownership,sinse hardware is deployed at our data centres

No investment in IT management, use of centralised hosting and transfer of calls over the internet

Real-time monitoring and analyzing call traffic using our comprehensive solution







Number of channels



Welcome Message

IVR Level 1

upto 4 options

upto 10 options

IVR Level 2(upto 10 options)


Transfer to a group of numbers (upto 3 users / option)

Call history reports

Voice Recording

15 Days

30 Days

Portal to change termination numbers

15 Days

30 Days

Option to upload audio prompts

Out of Office hours

Professionally recorded audio prompts


Basic API Integration

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