Connect Broadband Reveals the Secret to Remain Happy through their latest Campaign called 'Har Din Happy'

The New Year is knocking the calendar again and it is time when we will be making all those resolution for the coming year. These resolutions are made so that we achieve the end goal of life which is happiness.


However, while making resolutions we neglect something vital. When we make a resolution we tend to promise happiness for the future and our present gets sidelined. Let’s do something different this year. Let’s take a pledge to remain happy irrespective of our circumstances. How about resolving to remain happy every day?

Connect Broadband has launched a social media campaign that promotes the idea of being happy every day. A website called has been developed for you to take a pledge to remain happy forever. Furthermore, 'Connect Broadband' also released a new video for the new year titled ‘Har Din Happy’ that reveals the secret to happiness in its own subtle way.

The video depicts various life situations and gives tips to remain happy. Here is the gist of the messages that the video renders:

Your life-Your Decision: Steer your life the way you want to. Do not let anyone obstruct the path of your happiness. Do not give anyone the power to influence your decisions. Make your own judgment and do what makes you happy.

Stay Connected: Regardless of how busy you are, keep in touch with your friends and family. There are studies that assert that staying close to loved ones increases your happiness by 25%.

Follow your dreams: The simplest secret of happiness is to have faith in your dreams and passion. Do what you love or you will never know what happiness is.

Be a Kid Let that naughty kid that you once were remain with you forever. Go on your next mischief with your friends. Enjoy the present phase of your life and happiness will come following you.

Stay positive-stay focused : Life has a penchant for throwing challenges. Embrace them, and face them with vigor. Be optimistic. You will be a new you once you face every adversity with a smile.

Augmenting the idea of a happy life, you can take a fun test to measure your happiness on the 'HarDinHappy' website. The test will give you your happiness score and the option to take a pledge to remain happy afterwards. You will also get a certificate as a testimony of the pledge you took and you can share your certificate on your social media profiles to encourage friends to do the same. Visit and take the pledge to remain happy throughout 2017.

Speaking about the launch of 'Har Din Happy' campaign Mr. Bali, CEO Connect Broadband said, "Our intent is to encourage the notion of doing what makes one happy." He further said "Follow your passion. Eat what you crave. Meet who you like. Instead of toiling for that top score, follow your dreams, pursue your passion, be naughty, and be childlike. The idea is to be happy and to spread happiness."