Super Jodi Event Profile - Press Release

"Connect Super Jodi" as the name says the Jodi having superb connection, started in 2013 in Punjab, is an initiative by Connect Broadband, the market leader in fixed line Broadband and voice services with over 2.0 lacs broadband users across Chandigarh and Punjab. This is the first ever reality show for Jodis by a telecom company, where the connection and compatibility of the Jodi is judged and the Jodi with best compatibility and connectivity wins the title of "Connect Super Jodi". The show has achieved immense success in the last year and has showcased some of the greatest performing jodis around the state(Punjab). The reality show spreads over 3 month for its completion with married couples as our target group and was an overwhelming success with more than 50,000 people registration. During Grand Finale, Comedy Circus duo fame, Sudesh and Krishna, add value by giving their performance in the show. This year, Connect Broadband, together launching “Connect Broadband Super Jodi” on this valentine day. This year, through this show we are not only in search of extraordinary talent and compatibility but are also looking for the hidden sparks from the interiors of the state. The show promises to be a platform which will feature talent of the jodis, with the flavor of compatibility and connectivity and hence can prove to be the "Connect Broadband Super Jodi".