Make Connect Broadband Payments with your Bank



Connect always tries to provide its customers with the best of facilities and services possible. And that is why we have collaborated with ICICI bank to facilitate you in paying your monthly Connect Broadband bill easily in your city, and at your own convenience. Hereunder are the steps to follow if you want to pay your bills with ICICI bank.

1.Simply login to your ICICI account and on the home-screen only you get the option to pay your bills. Click on the Bill Pay option as highlighted below: Connect Broadband

2.Next, Click on ‘Landline/Broadband’ icon to make your Connect Broadband payment

Connect Broadband  

3.You will be redirected to a new page i.e. ‘Bill Payment’. In the dropdown menu, under Biller name, select Connect Broadband.

Connect Broadband


4.Next, fill in the amount you need to pay and from the dropdown menu, choose your account number (incase you have multiple accounts).

Connect Broadband

5.After that click on the make payment option which appears only after you have filled in the necessary details. You will then be redirected to a confirmation page, where you can verify your details and make the payment.