How to Pay your Connect Broadband Bill with Amazon


Don’t have time to visit your nearest Connect Broadband store and pay your bills? Now you can shop and pay at the same time using the Amazon App. Connect Broadband has partnered with to facilitate bill payments just for you. Simply login in your Amazon account in the mobile app or on your desktop computer and make your Connect Broadband payments without any hassle. Still don’t know how? Follow the steps below:

1.Open your app or website and click on Amazon pay

2.Under the Amazon Pay services, select Broadband

Connect Broadband  

3.Next, under the ‘Select Operator’ dropdown menu click on Connect Broadband option.

Connect Broadband Connect Broadband

4.Enter your Connect phone number along with STD code and the amount you have to pay for your bill and click on Pay.You can also choose to directly make the payment through you Amazon pay Balance and benefit from the multiple offers Amazon and Connect Broadband offers.

Connect Broadband

>5.Next, you will be directed to the confirmation page to make your payment or redirected to choose a payment method, fill in your details and confirm on your bank’s verification page.