5 Ways to have the Best Netflix User Experience


Netflix has taken over the streaming service market by capturing 40% of viewing time of TV streaming households and over 100 million members. Using Netflix is not some engineering. You simply visit their user friendly website, navigate to choose what you want to watch and in a blink of an eye the preferred seasons will stream on your desktop or TV.

Netflix redesigned TV experience through rigorous research and testing to help users quickly find the title of the shows you desire to watch.

Well talking about Netflix, here is good news for all those who live in Punjab! Connect Broadband deploys NETFLIX cache grid at Mohali which is first of its kind initiative. So the next time when you watch your favorite season, the files of the show will be already assembled in the Connect Data Centre and played at hi-speed. The technology ensures buffer free content and enhanced customer experience, as the server is closer to the end user.

Here we are sharing some simple tips and tricks to give you the Best Streaming Experience:

  • Download movies to watch offline:
  • Now Netflix gives its users the ability to download movies or episodes of favorite TV shows to give a seamless experience while you are offline. With the updated Netflix app, go to App Settings (under the hamburger menu in the upper left corner)> Video Quality (higher for better resolution and slower downloads). On the same hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) select Available for Download. Select the program you want to watch offline.

  • Make multiple profiles on Netflix
  • Make a separate profile for every person that use your Netflix account to keep preferences sorted. Netflix allows you to create up to 5 profiles and stream content according to the taste and preference of every user.

  • Keep your queue organized:
  • Netflix algorithms will provide you with recommendations in the My List section of your Library. But if you are somebody you likes to watch self-curated content then go to My Account tab (in the upper-right hand-corner) > My Profile and select the order in My List.

  • Rate what you watch
  • To get tailored suggestions on Netflix, rate the shows or movies. By making use of rating system you can save your search time. Based on those ratings Netfilx’s algorithms analyses you preferences and suggest you the most suitable shows and movies.

  • Change Subtitle Appearance
  • Does Netflix make it difficult for you to understand the content? Are you not able to keep up with the subtitles it provides? Well this also has a solution! It enables you to alter the color, size and style of subtitles. Go to Your Account menu (upper right hamburger menu of browser)>Subtitle Appearance. These changes will customize the appearance of subtitles on your TV, computer or mobile.