Experience the mystical powers of the sacred mantras. Every Mantra emanates powerful vibrations that invoke the blessings of divine.

Dial 56464 at just a monthly charge of Rs 30 to chant Mantras of various categories like

  • Mahamantras -Gayatri, Mahamritunjay, Ganesh & Vishnu
  • Health - for various diseases like blood pressure, heart, stomach pain, & pregnancy
  • Better Relations - Early marriage for girls, desired wife, cool down enemy
  • Good Luck - promotions, business, court case, interview, exam & property matters
  • Mantras to attract - wife, husband, all men/women
  • Mantras for Prosperity - daily desires, prosperity, poverty/illness, monetary gain
  • Navgrah - surya, Chandra, mangal, budh, guru, shukra, shani, rahu & ketu


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rs 30/ month

Rs 30, 20 ,10

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